Who We are

Burl-eoke! was developed in 2012 as a game show centered around karaoke and burlesque. Growing out of its first space at the All Stars Sports Bar and Grill, Burl-eoke! moved to The Brass Monkey in 2013 until it's closing. In 2017, Burl-eoke! moved to the Black Bar of The Crown, on a bi-monthly schedule. A change in management forced us out for a very brief stint at Le Mondo from Jan- Feb 2020. 

Burl-eoke! also had the opportunity to travel the world through the Burlypics competition, in its early days. We set up shop in DC at the Bier Baron for a summer, Hedo II in Jamaica for a week, and Los Angeles for a few years of weekends. 

Burl-eoke! has returned to Station North’s entertainment calendar every month at Motor House in 2022! Hope to see you from the stage!

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How it's played

Burl-eoke! is a game show that teams up karaoke singers and burlesque performers to compete for prizes such as local artist offerings, show tickets and GLORY!! 

There is a preliminary round where 5 karaoke singers have 2 minutes to try their songs without seeing the words. The crowd chooses which 4 go on to round 1 by a round of applause, hoots and hollers.

After the first elimination, there is a pageant style walk where we intro each burlesque performer (who they are, what they're up to, etc.), then the loser from the prelim round pairs them up with their karaoke singer. 

In round 1, the singer will sing a song of their choice... but the dancer has no clue what it is. Each team goes, and there is an audience voting/elimination. The loser chooses the challenges for the teams advancing to round 2.

In round 2, each individual will have a challenge: singers have singer challenges (ex: sing like William Shatner), and the dancers have dancing challenges (ex: do the worm). There is an elimination and the loser gets to choose the song for the final challenge.

The last round is known as the Dueling Duet. The remaining 2 singers must sing a duet of the losers choosing. The dancers have a dance off. After this foolishness, there is the crowning. 





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